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Certification Titles Released

ITIL Qualification Board also releases Qualification Stage information.
Jun 12, 2008

ITSM Watch Staff


The ITIL Qualification Board is pleased to make the following announcements regarding ITIL V3 qualifications.


Official Qualification Titles:


The Qualification Board involved the ITSM community by surveying itSMF members and Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) on their preference for the formal titles of ITIL Qualifications. The results of the survey were reviewed and endorsed by the Board and are as follows:


Service Lifecycle and Service Capability Modules and Managing Across the

Lifecycle will be known officially as ITIL Intermediate Certificates.


A candidate who has achieved the minimum accumulation of 22 credits across a selection of balanced V2 and V3 modules will be awarded the ITIL

Expert Certificate.


Candidates who satisfy the requirement of the currently titled Advanced level will be awarded the ITIL Master Certificate.


For more information and a schedule of exams, click here.

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