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ISO-20000 and What it Means to You

More and more, companies will be looking for this certification before doing business with you, writes ITSM Watch columnist Hank Marquis of itSM Solutions.

CFIA in 4 Easy Pieces

CFIA remains a fuzzy concept but it's really not that hard, writes ITSM Watch columnist Hank Marquis of itSM Solutions.

A Fast, Practical Start to ITSM

Getting ITSM going is easier by utilizing ITIL's best practices, write ITSM Watch guest columnists Chuck Kirchner and Mike Tainter of Forsythe.

CMDB: The Catch-All Catch Phrase

Configuration management database (CMDB) is fast becoming a buzz-word of choice in U.S. IT shops.

Seven Steps to Improved Incident Handling

Scripts may be old-school, but they work, writes ITSM Watch columnist Hank Marquis of itSM Solutions.

E-commerce and User-Centric Identity Management

New ID schemas are emerging that will, hopefully, ease IT's management burden while fueling e-commerce, writes ITSM Watch guest columnist Marcus Lasance of MaXware.

IT Vendors Need to Make ITIL Actionable

The vendor community needs to step up and make its products ITIL friendly, writes ITSM Watch guest columnist John Long of IBM.

Logic Communications 'Gets' ITSM

Change is always hard but ITSM and ITIL do make it easier to manage.

Easing IT Burdens with On-Demand Software

IT service management can benefit from utilizing the ever-increasingly integrated offerings of SaaS providers.

ITSM & Teamwork Run Data Centers Better

To get the most from your data center requires teamwork, writes ITSM Watch guest columnist Sean Nicholson of Aperture.

Competing Vendors to Develop CMDB Standards

ITSM efforts may get a leg up if these various vendors can come to terms and actually implement what they talk about.

The Evolving Role of IT Service Management

IT professionals need to transform their orientation from "managing boxes" to managing IT resources from a business perspective.

ITIL and the CMDB: Think Small?

A Configuration Management Database provides an early foundation for changing a reactive IT culture into a proactive service provider.

Causality and IT Service Management

In reviewing the services offered by IT, management must be able to see the causal linkages between what IT is providing and what the business needs.

How to Set Up Successful SLAs

Setting up strong Service Level Agreements is critical to ITSM, but it's not an easy job. Some analysts and consultants offer tips on how to do it right.

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