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ITIL v3: What's the Rush?

v3 is a high wall to climb. For beginners, best to stay with ITIL v2 for now, writes ITSM Watch columnist Rob England, a.k.a., The IT Skeptic.

The IT Skeptic Comes Clean

Tired of commenting from the shadows, the IT Skeptic reveals his identity.

ITIL v3: Passing the Skeptic's Test

The notoriously tough IT Skeptic takes a hard look at v3 -- and likes it! (Well, mostly.)

ITIL Version 3 Service Strategy: An Early Review

If V2 taught us how to walk, V3 teaches us to run. Trouble is, says The IT Skeptic, many organizations are still sitting down.

Service Catalogue is the Center of the ITSM Universe

If there is one thing seriously out of balance in the ITIL Version 2 books it's the focus on SLAs, writes ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.

The Pillars of ITIL are Crumbling

Is it time for OGC to hand over the reins?, asks ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.

Cooperation Between Vendors Over CMDB?

I’d like to see that, writes ITSM Watch's ever-doubtful columnist, the IT Skeptic.

There is No Evidence for ITIL

ITSM Watch columnist, The IT Skeptic, shakes the tree looking for quantifiable evidence of ITIL's effectiveness and comes up empty handed.

What Goes into an ITIL Business Case

Money, justification and a little creative thinking, writes ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.

The ITIL Business Case 101

Make the business case and you'll have your project, writes ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.

What You Need to Know About "ITIL Compliant"

The OGC and itSMF let down their constituencies when they ignored the whole area of product compliance, writes ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.

ITIL Must Embrace the Collective

If the OGC fails to adopt new modes, the open content movement will take ITIL away, writes the IT Skeptic.

Stop Calling ITIL Best Practice

ITIL is not “best-practice” and we deride ITIL by calling it that, writes ITSM Watch columnist The IT Skeptic.