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Microsoft Frameworks Integrated Glossary

The Microsoft Integrated Glossary contains terms for: MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework MOF - Microsoft Operations Framework MSPMO - Project Management Office
Mar 4, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff




facilities management
The process involved in the management of physical structures that support the operations environment. It includes property, utilities, power backup, property maintenance, and monitoring. This is often performed by external specialists.


fast tracking
Compressing the project schedule by overlapping activities that would normally be done in sequence, like design and construction.


feature team
In large projects, a multidisciplinary subteam that is responsible for a particular product feature set.


One of the three sides of the trade off triangle, the other two being resources and schedule, it refers to the product and its quality.


financial management
A MOF service management function in the optimizing quadrant. It provides the sound management of monetary resources in order to support organizational goals. Financial management may include cost accounting, budgeting, project investment appraisals, and in some organizations, cost recovery.


fixed ship-date mindset
A principle of good scheduling. It means treating a project's projected ship date as unchangeable and committing to a ship date because it's realistic.


Projecting future trends through the use of historical data. For example, the forecasting of network utilization trends enables the network manager to anticipate when user performance demands are likely to reach or exceed current levels of computing capacity.


four perspectives
Together, they make up the one enterprise architecture. The MSF process model uses the acronym BAIT to refer to the four perspectives: business, applications, information, and technology.


full release
A release that replaces all components of a release unit, regardless of whether or not they have changed since the last version of the software.


Description of the performance of a feature, product, or component.


function team
In large projects, a multidisciplinary subteam that is responsible for a particular functional role, like product management or user education.


functional management
A process responsible for the maintenance of the functionality of an information system that is central to its use.


functional specification
A deliverable that describes a solution, product feature set, or other final project deliverable in explicit detail.


functional specification drafted interim milestone
The point during the planning phase at which the project team has drafted and baselined the functional specification.


gap analysis
A study that is conducted to discover the gap between the current state and the desired state of the enterprise architecture.


Note Also an analysis of readiness data collected to assess the gap between an organization's current state of readiness to deploy a solution compared to the recommended state of readiness.


What the business intends to accomplish or attain.


golden release
Accepting a release candidate as the final release of the product.


A recommended course of action to achieve particular ends