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Microsoft Frameworks Integrated Glossary

The Microsoft Integrated Glossary contains terms for: MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework MOF - Microsoft Operations Framework MSPMO - Project Management Office
Mar 4, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff


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job scheduling
A MOF service management function in the operating quadrant. It involves the continuous organization of jobs and processes into the most efficient sequence, maximizing system throughput and utilization to meet service level agreement (SLA) requirements.


key performance indicators
Significant metrics that indicate the level of functionality and viability of a component.


kickoff meeting
A meeting at which the sales side of the business hands over ownership of the project to the delivery side of business. It is important that this be as smooth as possible and hence it is crucial that both teams are well represented at this meeting.


Knowledge management. An enterprise endeavor to consciously and comprehensively gather, organize, share, and analyze its IT system knowledge to create a complete information resource. Due to the complexity and enterprise knowledge depth that most IT organizations possess, this process is most often automated by using knowledge management (KM) tools.


Most often, KM is used to facilitate the functions that service desk and product support services provide. Knowledge repositories, usually large, indexed, and searchable databases, enable quick retrieval of the relevant possible problems and known errors that may be the root cause of a customer's incident.


The KM system collects the most common problems, questions, and general tips and tricks regarding the organization's supported products, systems, and technologies. It greatly reduces the amount of time required to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve reported incidents and problems by collating the efforts of many support personnel into a single source, enabling each support person to benefit from the knowledge of the others.


The infrastructure role frequently owns the specification of these kinds of automation tools as a core service to other operations management groups.


known error
A condition in the IT environment in which a certain configuration item(s) has been identified as the cause of a (potential) degradation or disruption in the agreed service level.