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Glossary of IT Infrastructure Library Terms (ITIL®)

Glossary of Terms for the IT Infrastructure Library
Mar 4, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff


G - H


Equipment which is used to interface networks so that a terminal on one network can communicate with services or a terminal on another.


gradual recovery
Previously called "cold stand-by", this is applicable to organizations that do not need immediate restoration of business processes and can function for a period of up to 72 hours, or longer, without a re-establishment of full IT facilities. This may include the provision of empty accommodation fully equipped with power, environmental controls and local network cabling infrastructure, telecommunications connections, and available in a disaster situation for an organization to install its own computer equipment.


hard charging
Descriptive of a situation where, within an organization, actual funds are transferred from the customer to the IT organization in payment for the delivery of IT services.


hard fault
The situation in a virtual memory system when the required page of code or data that a program was using has been redeployed by the operating system for some other purpose. This means that another piece of memory must be found to accommodate the code or data, and will involve physical reading/writing of pages to the page file.


A host computer comprises the central hardware and software resources of a computer complex, e.g., CPU, memory, channels, disk and magnetic tape I/O subsystems plus operating and applications software. The term is used to denote all non-network items.


hot stand-by
See "immediate recovery".