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Glossary of IT Infrastructure Library Terms (ITIL®)

Glossary of Terms for the IT Infrastructure Library
Mar 4, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff


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key business drivers
The attributes of a business function that drive the behavior and implementation of that business function in order to achieve the strategic business goals of the company.


Key Performance Indicator
A measurable quantity against which specific Performance Criteria can be set when drawing up the SLA.


Key Success Indicator
A measurement of success or maturity of a project or process.


See also "Critical Success Factor".


Knowledge Management
Discipline within an organization that ensures that the intellectual capabilities of an organization are shared, maintained and institutionalized.


known error
An incident or problem for which the root cause is known and for which a temporary Work-around or a permanent alternative has been identified. If a business case exists, an RFC will be raised, but, in any event, it remains a known error unless it is permanently fixed by a change.


The elapsed time from the moment when a seek was completed on a disk device to the point when the required data is positioned under the read/write heads. It is normally defined by manufacturers as being half the disk rotation time.


A series of states, connected by allowable transitions. The lifecycle represents an approval process for Configuration Items, problem reports and change documents.


logical I/O
A read or write request by a program. That request may, or may not, necessitate a physical I/O. For example, on a read request the required record may already be in a memory buffer and therefore a physical I/O is not necessary.


marginal cost
The cost of providing the service now, based upon the investment already made.


maturity level/milestone
The degree to which BCM activities and processes have become standard business practice within an organization.


Measurable element of a service process or function.