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Taking the Manager's Certificate in IT Service Management

Jul 10, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff

These additional tips should be helpful during the exam:
  • Write your name, page number and total number of pages("X out of Y") used on each page.
  • A word of caution, when answering a question where you are asked to list a fixed number of items; please do not list more than the fixed number hoping that the grader would pick and choose from your list. The items exceeding the fixed number will not be considered.
  • You are allowed to bring a dictionary to help understand the wording of the questions.
  • The paper on which the exam has to be written has a carbon-copy attached. Write on a hard surface, and don!&t stack them while writing, keep the pages separate.

Although the maxim goes, "hind sight is 20/20," I hope the future ITIL professionals will gain something from the following points:
  • Read the ITIL books. The importance of reading the books should never be underestimated. After all, the exam is on ITIL and the grader is looking for ITIL best practices and not someone!&s unique experience.
  • Read the pocket guide during the final preparation. This helps to retain more information right before the exam and is a good means to revisit and a quick review.
  • Write practice exams, if possible time it.
  • Get enough rest before the exam.
  • Pay attention to your handwriting, if possible take the test where you are allowed to use a computer. (e.g. Loyalist College, Canada)

There are plenty of discussions about the language and wording of the questions during the exam preparation. In the past the questions, although composed in English, were in the "Queens" English.

Those of us who took this particular exam were pleasantly surprised that the questions were comprehensive, at least from a language perspective (no funny words like "lorry!"). It seems the question creators are getting better updating the exam for those who speak the United States version of English.

Suparno Biswas is a senior solutions architect at Hewlett-Packard, and has led various teams of engineers, architects and managers to successfully deliver IT infrastructure management projects, both at the pre and post-sales phase. Suparno has fifteen years experience in the computing industry, focusing on enterprise management, software development lifecycle, system architecture and design.

Suparno is an honors graduate in Electrical and Telecom Engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. He did his post- graduate work in Computer and Information Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also completed a mini-MBA program in General management sponsored by Wharton School of Business. Suparno has served as adjunct instructor at major educational institutions and financial firm.

Suparno recently sat for his Manager's Certificate in IT Service Management and is awaiting the results.

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