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How Do You Explain Change Management To Your Parents?

Feb 19, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

Now you must Authorize and Plan. You make recommendations to the CAB and then you reference your Financial Management. Do you have enough money to procure these items necessary to quaff this child's hunger?

If the answer is yes, proceed to the Coordination of Change Build. If the answer is no, you can either find the closest money dispensing equipment or initiate a Periodic Review of the SLA and negotiate the request for feeding to another time and/or location.

Coordination of Change Build
Your child's Change Request has been reviewed and authorized and you know that you have been assigned the change request the nano-second the child yelled "MOMMY". It is now your responsibility to do the change request (albeit a rather quick) Release analysis.
  • Honey, are you really that hungry? YES!!!!!!

  • Does it HAVE to be McDonalds? YES!!!!!!

  • How about just some fries to hold you over? NO!!!!! Happy Meal, Happy Meal, Happy Meal.

  • Can you wait until I get all of the errands done? NO!!!!!!! I AM STARVING!!!!!! (Starving makes this an Emergency Change Request.)
Urgent Change You round the corner into the parking lot of McDonalds on 2 wheels. After all this is an emergency. You perform an impact assessment and say, "Since you are starving we will go to the drive thru."

NO!!! I want to go in. They have a playground. You test your Backout Plan.

Implementing the Change You quickly park the car. You grab your child from the backseat and race into McDonalds to save this starving child. You order the Happy Meal as described by the Change Requester (child). You get her to the table, set out all of the food. She eats to bites, looks at the prize inside the meal. Tosses it to the side as she pronounces it as lame. She looks at you with those big eyes and says, "I'm full can I go play?"

You silently go through your Implementation Review. You reflect on the lessons learned. You make a note that in the future it may be necessary to put blinders on the child next time to keep from seeing the McDonalds sign.

Close Change Request
While watching the Change Requester joyfully gliding down the slide you surmise it was a successful change, update your CMDB and once again feel good to have avoided a Change Induced Failure.

"Judith Alvarado, is Change Coordinator at USDA National Information Technology Center"

Judith Alvarado has been with the USDA National Information Technology Center since 1979. As the Change Coordinator, she has recently concluded the re-engineering of both the Change and Problem Management processes. Since its introduction, there has been a 29% improvement in CM utilization."

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