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'Close the Gap' to Improve Business Service Delivery

Apr 16, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

By Mary Nugent

Bridging the Gap with Tools

IT Operations and Service Desks must concentrate on software technologies that adapt and meet their organization's business requirements without assuming or dictating a rigid method of event or service management. With greater tool flexibility, Operations and Service Desk staff are less likely to experience unyielding and unforgiving processes.

To efficiently share information between the real-time operations environment and the Service Desk requires processes and guidelines for the following:
  • Event prioritization
  • Event ownership
  • Event escalation and outage
Too many events will reduce the effectiveness of the Service Desk and may overwhelm it. To record meaningful events underlying real-time event management infrastructure should support:
  • Event correlation and escalation/de-escalation to reduce volume and to provide priority and focus
  • Events linkage and dynamic field update to the service desk software to manage events from either IT Operations or the Service Desk and to keep information synchronized
  • Abstraction, blackout and enrichment to add intelligence to events and trouble tickets
The event management product must be able to accept and manage events created by the service management solution and when appropriate, match any manually recorded event with real-time events currently open. IT Operations and the Service Desk should be able to choose either product to manage event processes and service problems without the risk of duplicate effort or total abandon.

Let us look at an example; The Mountain Lodge has its busiest time of the year in December. What is the impact on Mountain Lodge's business if its primary server that supports their reservation system goes down?

The IT department is aware of the problem with the server, but they do not know the business urgency, so they do not prioritize repair which takes a half day.

The Service Desk is inundated with calls from the Reservations Specialists, but they do not know how to solve the problem. The result - reservations lost, mistakes made and business suffers. Both the IT Department and Service Desk personnel are loosing customer confidence.

The following table illustrates the ideal role of the IT Operations and Service Desk teams, as well as the end user position when a tools environment supports business service management at an organization like Mountain Lodge.