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Leveraging the ITIL Service Support Framework

Dec 18, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff

Three sub-disciplines (or modules) of the ITIL best practice framework directly address key functions within the IT operation that have a direct impact on the quality of service delivered by the front-line service desk. They are:

Configuration Management
In the ITIL framework, Configuration Management is a discipline that organizations use to gain and maintain control and proper oversight of their IT infrastructure in order to deliver high-quality, consistent, and economical services to their organization. This is done by creating a comprehensive model of the IT infrastructure and its asset components, particularly focusing on the relationships between assets. In practice, Configuration Management involves the maintenance of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which contains details of the current state of all elements of the IT infrastructure and their relationships to one another.

Change Management
Change Management is a structured process and approach toward making changes to the IT infrastructure. It is designed to gather suggested changes from multiple constituencies, and to ensure that changes are authorized, prioritized on an enterprise basis, and that all impacts have been recognized and considered, thus reducing the potential for support incidents in the user community.

Release Management
Release Management is an ITIL discipline that uses a series of prescribed procedures and checks to ensure that any changed or new elements slated for release into the IT infrastructure do not negatively impact the live environment or its users. Release Management involves building a set of release components, testing them, assessing potential impacts, scheduling the release, and performing the release.

Christopher Ciccolini is managing director of Customer Care Operations for SEI Information Technology, He is responsible for the delivery of Service Desk support to more than 35 clients in three SEI Customer Support Centers. Ciccolini has 11 years of experience in IT operations and management.

Michael McDermott is an SEI Information Technology business consultant specializing in Service Desk implementation, management, and operations. He performs Service Desk assessments for existing and prospective clients; implements and manages knowledge transfer programs; and engineers, manages and provides guidance on best practice-based procedures and operations.