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Change Management and the Service Desk

Mar 14, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

By Christopher Ciccolini and Michael Jablon

Key Considerations
ITIL and similar standards offer significant benefits; however implementing these frameworks is challenging and represents a serious, enterprise-wide commitment. Here are key considerations for ITIL implementations.

  • Communication strategies for IT and the company as a whole What vehicles are in place to communicate the purpose, status, and benefits of implementing ITIL and Change Management?
  • Message Change management is a cooperative process between IT and the business. The greatest value comes from making joint decisions on the value and hence approval of requested changes.
  • Change management is not a stand-alone endeavor The sub-discipline is interdependent upon other processes and really on the entire ITIL framework. The development of a master configuration database is, of course, essential to the ability to perform effective Change Management. Only by truly understanding the relationships among IT elements can a proposed change be evaluated in terms of its impact. Likewise, it is only through release management that the approved changes can be integrated into the live environment with minimal impact through effective planning, scheduling, and training.
Christopher Ciccolini, as Managing Director of Customer Care Operations for SEI Information Technology, Christopher Ciccolini is responsible for the delivery of Service Desk support to more than 35 clients in three SEI Customer Support Centers. He has 11 years of experience in IT operations and management, and currently ensures the delivery of high-quality 24x7 global support services to more than 45,000 users in the financial, legal, and manufacturing industries.

Michael Jablon, is the Change Manager for SEI Information Technology. Mr. Jablon specializes in Change Control and Program Management for Service Desk Infrastructure such as Call Tracking Systems, Telephony, and Network Infrastructure. He is Foundation Certified in ITIL and is applying these best practice principles while managing Corporate Desktop Support for several SEI customers. Mr. Jablon performs assessments for existing and prospective clients and provides guidance on best practice-based procedures and operations.