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ISO-20000 and What it Means to You

Nov 6, 2006

Hank Marquis


Both ISO-20000-1 and ISO-20000-2 relate directly to ITIL best practice. ISO-20000 groups the ITIL processes we all know into five core bundles, and then adds in some additional material:

Service Delivery Processes: Service Level Management, Availability Management, Capacity Management, Continuity Management, and Budgeting and Accounting for IT Services (Financial Management) along with Information Security Management and Service reporting.

Relationship Processes: Business Relationship Management and Supplier Management.

Resolution Processes: Incident Management and Problem Management.

Control Processes: Configuration Management and Change Management.

Release Process: Release Management.

Getting Ready

New ISO-20000 terminology is already becoming apparent in the most recent ITIL Certification called “ITIL Practitioner in Release and Control," and covers Change Management, Release Management and Configuration Management. ITIL is aligning more closely with ISO-20000 and has taken the names of the ISO-20000 sections.

ISO-20000 certification is already becoming a requirement, so you should start getting familiar with it today. If you are not already pursuing ITIL, you should because a boom in ITIL adoption is on the horizon.

Already, several governments have stated that ISO-20000 is a requirement for outsourced IT services. Since ISO-20000 is so clearly underpinned by the ITIL, the quickest path to ISO-20000 certification is to start adopting ITIL.

ISO-20000 provides the means to measure your internal IT organization as well as third-party suppliers. It shows the business and senior executives that your IT organization follows best practice, and through audits documents the value for money spent on IT.

ISO-20000 is already being used by outsourcers. In June of 2006, Accenture Technology Infrastructure Services in India became the first IT organization in the world to become ISO-20000 certified.

As more of the industry recognizes the value of ISO-20000, more and more companies will require their partners and vendors to reach ISO-20000 certification, just as they did for ISO-9000/9001. ISO-20000 will become the defacto measure of IT quality and drive outsourcing decisions, as well as provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing an insourced decision was correct.

If your organization is already ISO-9000/9001 certified, you will have a much easier time gaining and maintaining management commitment for your ITIL implementation. In addition, if you are already implementing or adopting ITIL, there is now an organizational certification as well.

Learn about ISO-20000 now, its going to be coming to an IT shop near you in the very near future.

Hank Marquis is a managing partner and CTO at itSM Solutions . You can contact Hank at hank.marquis@itsmsolutions.com.