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ITIL v3 Should Ease Alignment

Mar 21, 2007

Jennifer Zaino

What sorts of tie-ins will we see between ITIL v3 and other governance or security standards?

We’ve identified that you must allow for governance, security, and quality management standards. Once guidance is developed, we will develop a series of complementary publications and mappings. [For example, ISO 2700, ISO 20000, and the new software asset management standard IA19770-1 will be key.] So mappings to those types of things will follow the guidance to say where there’s a standard you might want to use, here it is. Go grab it, here’s the mapping.

How is CA preparing for ITIL v3 in its products?

No vendor has seen all the books yet. We will all receive those in the fullness of time. The reality we’ve seen is that we’ve already been supporting a lifecycle model and “plan, do, check, act” for some time in terms of integration and delivery of our products. Over time, we will see some modifications to the products to reinforce the processes in v3 but we are already clearly continuing with our objective of helping customers accelerate their ITIL journeys with the automation of technology and processes.

For example, for some time we’ve talked about change management at the enterprise level. Right now, many ITIL change implementations may start when the change is documented in the change system and handed to operations. We look at the lifecycle approach, from the request to approval through to integration with the coding aspects, understanding the operational impacts, and then passing that code for testing change into production, etc. We certainly have supported that with our integrated products for some time, and that will play nicely into the ITIL v3 approach.