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ITSM Tool Adoption: Pass or Fail?

Sep 18, 2008

Hank Marquis

[SOURCE: Project+(an IT project management certification program based on the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book of Knowledge.)]

As you might have guessed “A” represents a listing of the most common reasons for failure, and “B” for success. If your score from “A” is greater “B”, then you are more likely to fail. If “B” is less than “A” then you are more likely to succeed. The larger the difference between the two the higher the probability of success or failure. Your success with your initiatives (as you can predict above) is tied to these basic project management tenets.

If you want to get fancy use the ratio of the two to multiply the cost or budget for the project. This will show you a rough idea of the money you may lose. If your current project looks like it might fail there are proven ways to get it back on track. However, while cancellation is the last option, it is also sometimes the only option.

Pass this tool around and be sure to use it for multiple IT projects. Ask your direct reports to complete this simple tool for all their projects then you can roll-up the results into departmental or corporate level evaluations. (WARNING: the results might place you into the $75 billion waste category!)

Simple precautions and undertakings on your part can help ensure a positive and valuable ITSM tool and ITIL adoption. And again, there are proven tools, techniques and training that can help you make the call. (HINT: Examine lists “A” and “B” again and take action to correct and conform as required!)

Hank Marquis is director of IT Service Management Consulting at Enterprise Management Associates based in Boulder, Colo. Marquis has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in IT operations, management, governance and operational frameworks. Visit his blog and podcasts at www.hankmarquis.info.