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The Seven Enablers & Constraints of ITSM

Dec 18, 2008

Troy DuMoulin


“People issues” are still the most prevalent challenge. Many organizations are struggling to maintain momentum and surprisingly, executive buy-in is the least challenging. The three most challenging enablers for implementing ITSM are: Ability to affect behavioral change; access to resources; and ability to deploy the new policies and processes and make them stick in IT cultures focused on technology optimization rather than service. The common denominator here is people.


Interestingly, the survey results also point out that leadership support is not seen as a major constraint. As an explanation of this result, one survey participant shared that her leadership understands that things need to change, but they may not necessarily understand how to go about it or achieve their expanded vision.




Remember that the seven enablers of ITSM represent the heart and lifeblood of your initiative. As long as there is a small trickle of movement and capacity through each one, there is hope for a successful conclusion to your efforts. Even the constraints should be seen as positive, in that they provide insight into what should be the scope of your initial efforts. Working within your constraints and not over-extending on your promises and objectives can lead to successes that allow you to expand each enabler over time for greater and greater achievements.


Read the complete survey results in the Pink Elephant white paper, The Seven Enablers & Constraints of IT Service Management. Plus, gain an expanded view into what the enablers really mean and what to watch out for as you journey through your continuous improvement programs.


Troy DuMoulin, AVP of Product Strategy with Pink Elephant, is a leading ITIL and IT governance authority with a rich background in executive IT management consulting. Troy holds the ITIL Expert certification, frequently speaks at ITSM events, and is a contributing author to multiple ITSM books and official ITIL publications. For more insight from Troy, read The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The ITIL Galaxy & Beyond. To receive monthly featured research and news updates from Pink Elephant, click here.