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ITIL v3 is Your Next Step in ITSM

Feb 20, 2009

Eddy Peters


As the creation of a service moves from business analyst to development to testing to operation, v3 provides an opportunity to align different departments within the IT organization. At that point, service silos are created, competing for a part of the budget. As an interesting side effect, services are outward focused, to the business. If the business derives value, the provided service is funded; if not, it gets retired. That’s what integration is all about.

Even with a few gray areas, ITIL should definitely have a place in the IT organization’s strategy to take the service delivery maturity forward. When optimizing processes, both v2 and v3 add value. When attempting to work out a service-oriented life cycle approach, v3 is there for you. When it comes to answering the question, “Is ITIL version 3 my next step in IT service management?”, it is not so much about If, but how you will do it.

Going for process-driven services (ITIL version 2 & 2.5) or service-driven processes (v3), it all comes down to what your organization wants to achieve, what its maturity level is in delivering service and what its capabilities are to cope with change. The choice is yours.

Eddy Peters is a senior ITSM consultant with CTG, an international IT company with headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. Mr. Peters has been active in IT for almost 20 years, acquiring experience in both support and delivery capabilities. He had the opportunity to dig into the ITIL v3 framework early on as a beta reviewer, and to understand its potential. With the official release of the core volumes, he became the driving force within CTG to assimilate the knowledge and put it into a practical perspective.