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Beyond Service Management: ESM and ITIL v3

Oct 26, 2009

Mark Lees,John Ryan

ESM allows you to manage across multiple providers, where each is dependent on the others to meet service levels and business expectations. It facilitates collaboration to form a single, transparent IT delivery organization: integrating projects, leveraging common processes to reduce duplication, and optimizing service delivery. It should include ongoing measurement and status tools so that the health of IT is shown as a whole.

Evolving to an ESM-centric approach enables IT to improve its service to the end-consumers of information through effective integration of multiple technologies within a defined process industry-standard framework. As such, from where and how service is delivered can be separated from what service is delivered. Using remote infrastructure and applications management tools, service can now be delivered from across the street, across the country or across the world.

The growing application of cloud computing impacts the marketplace in two distinct ways: it is increasing the familiarity and comfort of delivery via service, and it is increasing the options and variety of different IT services that are available for purchase. Enterprises can and should adopt the discipline of ESM while leveraging cloud services to link business processes and transactions.

The ability to package discrete and diverse standardized capabilities into a unique solution will enable CIOs to achieve both short and long term goals. Successful implementation of a secure, stable, flexible ESM environment will enable you to satisfy the needs of your end-consumers of information, whether they are the CEO and other executives, the customer-services representatives, the operations workers, or any other employees. It will provide the ability to switch services in and out as needs change, while enabling you to control your costs. In other words, ESM provides the opportunity to deliver both efficient and effective IT to your colleagues.

John Ryan heads CSC’s global platform services portfolio and Mark Lees leads the development of managed services marketing strategy in the Americas.