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The Value of Policy-Based IT Service Management

Policy-Based IT Service Management incorporates policies, practices, procedures, guidelines, standards, conventions and rules needed to align IT infrastructure with business requirements.
Mar 22, 2004

Rick Leopoldi

Policy Based IT Service Management is a functional process model that supports the business and their process inter-relationships. This model incorporates IT policies, practices, procedures, guidelines, standards, conventions, and the rules needed to align the IT infrastructure with business requirements.

Policy Based Service Management will assist in identifying the integration required between the various IT processes, enabling them to function effectively and facilitating IT service provisioning within an enterprise.

Policy Based IT Service Management begins with the customers defining their requirements - input to the Requirements Definition Process. A set of processes qualifies and quantifies the specifications, determines metrics, and details aspects of the service, aligning IT to satisfy the business objectives.

Once articulated and services defined, best practice Service Delivery processes are planned and implemented. Service Support processes are used to ensure service requirements and objectives are met on a continual basis.

A Policy Based Service Management framework is an architectural approach to enable:
  • IT organizations to provide quality services to their customers
  • Businesses to maximize their investment in technology
  • Cost effective IT support and delivery services
  • IT infrastructure best practices to satisfy business requirements
  • Evolution of the business into an adaptive enterprise
This framework facilitates IT as a service provider to the organization by identifying necessary management processes and the linkages between them. In particular, it highlights a direct relationship between business problems and key IT processes.
  • Business - define the objectives of the organization
  • Service - what are the services to efficiently and effectively, accomplish the business goals?
  • Operational - what is the design of the IT infrastructure to support the services?
  • Technology - what technology is necessary for the IT infrastructure?

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