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Business Technology Management Standard

Taking the lead in creating a management standard for the IT organization to function as a strategic partner with business in value creation, the non-profit BTM Institute outlined its research and publishing plans today in a white paper, entitled, 'Creating a Standard for Alignment with Business Technology Management: A New Look at an Old Problem.'
Jul 9, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

The institute's paper, defines the concept of Business Technology Management (BTM) and establishes parameters for the institute's developments moving forward.

"This white paper marks an important first step toward realizing our charter to deliver a much needed management standard that will provide companies with the fundamental structure necessary to align business and IT agendas," says Institute Chair Faisal Hoque, who first introduced the concept of BTM in his book, The Alignment Effect: How to Get Real Business Value Out of Technology (Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2002).

"Our work thus far draws on the years of research and practical IT management experience of the institute's academic and industry council members. We've spent several months of intense effort outlining the primary concepts underpinning a framework and maturity model, which will be used to capture and document BTM research, knowledge and best practices."