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Modeling The Enterprise IT Infrastructure

By David Chiu & D.L. Tsui Organizations are increasingly recognizing ITIL as the standard for IT Service Management. ITIL provides a best practice process-based framework for supporting and delivering IT services to enable the enterprise to meet its business goals. Central to the ITIL processes is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
Nov 14, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

By David Chiu & D.L. Tsui

The CMDB contains information about the IT infrastructure by representing software, hardware, documents, people information (among many other IT assets) as Configuration Items (CI). In addition, the CMDB also contains information about the relationships between CIs. Although the ITIL books provide insight and guidance on how to define CIs and their relationships, detailed methods for modeling IT infrastructure are left up to the implementers.

This paper sets out to define an object model by first identifying the basic building blocks of the IT infrastructure. Then, using an example, a more detailed model is constructed step-by-step based on the principles established in the conceptual object model.

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