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Conformance, Performance and Rapport

By David Pultorak and Jim Kerrigan Governance should extend out from the board in three directions: conformance, performance, and rapport (CPR).
Apr 3, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff

By David Pultorak and Jim Kerrigan

These three dimensions are a necessary part of good governance because governance, properly construed,cannot be just about mitigating risks,about avoiding the pain of lack of compliance with regulatory authorities (conformance).

No business would survive that had as its sole governance focus the avoidance of risk and pain. What all businesses must do is go towards gain (performance) in financial and other relevant dimensions, while conducting itself in such a way that good relations (rapport) are maintained with relevant stakeholders.

The three-part CPR framework of governance applies to all parts of the corporation, because corporate departments-finance, manufacturing, marketing, sales, engineering, Information Services, etc.-must conform to relevant regulatory authorities and perform financially and in other ways, and do so in a way that maintains rapport with relevant stakeholders.

The CPR framework for governance highlights the importance of employing robust governance mechanisms. This article addresses a few such mechanisms-the balanced scorecard (BSC), CobiT (control objectives for information and related technology), and ITIL. (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)- to illustrate how one might employ them to contribute to the implementation of the three dimensions of governance. The case of the information technology (IT) function and IT governance.

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