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CMDB Adoption Continues to Grow

Despite complexities and confusion, CMDB adopters recognize need for single source trusted data to support variety of IT disciplines, but struggle with what a CMDB system should be.
Jun 7, 2007

ITSM Watch Staff

IT organizations continue to make significant progress deploying configuration management database systems, or CMDBs, according to a just-released study by independent IT management research and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

EMA found that more IT organizations are aware of the requirement for a reconciled approach to integrating management investments to provide a consistent source of truth to support change and configuration management, asset management, incident and problem management, service management, and other IT disciplines.

However, researchers also learned that very few IT professionals are confident in setting expectations around just what CMDB systems should and can be; especially in 2007 when both adoptions and enabling technologies are in their early stages.

To understand what CMDB systems are beginning to achieve in the real world, EMA Vice President Dennis Drogseth conducted a comprehensive study devoted to the rapidly evolving CMDB market. The study encompassed more than 100 quantitative surveys and 30+ hours of dialog with CMDB adopters in 18 different companies.

"During the past 18 months or so, CMDB has evolved from a promising concept that became one of the IT industry's latest buzzwords to a strategic initiative that, while still in the early phases of deployment, is being rolled out at thousands of IT organizations," said Drogseth in a statement.

Drogseth's June 2007 report Winning Strategies in CMDB Adoption: What's Working in the Real World, What Isn't, and Why covers a range of topics, including:

  • A new nomenclature that mirrors real-world adoption patterns that the term "CMDB" can't fully convey by itself.
  • A clear indication of what early phase priorities are for CMDB systems in 2007.
  • A look at the type of metrics being used to measure the success of CMDB deployments.
  • A profile of what successful CMDB deployments look like coupled with best-practice recommendations for CMDB success.
  • A clarification of how ITIL plays into the planning and deployment of CMDB systems.
  • Insight into shifts in IT organizational structure evolving around, and in parallel with, CMDB system deployments.
  • An overview of real-world CMDB vendor preferences and software requirements.
  • Summary case studies of 18 real-world CMDB projects.
  • To complement the recently completed research, Drogseth will share highlights from his findings during a free Webinar slated for Wed., June 13. The Webinar will explore key points of confusion within the industry, highlight what CMDB systems are beginning to achieve in the real world and review evolving methodologies for successful CMDB deployment.

    In addition, information on CMDB and vendor solutions is available through EMA's CMDB Solutions Center.

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