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ITSM News Round Up for November 2010, Part I

New products, people and purchasing methods: A look at headlines from around the industry and the world.
Nov 9, 2010

Elizabeth Harrin


Software-as-a-Service saves you up to 75%

Service-now.com, the creator of modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) for IT service management (ITSM), have done some investigating into whether it's cheaper to use their SaaS model or an on-premise ITSM tool. Not surprisingly, their analysis shows that modern SaaS saves IT organizations up to 75 percent on the cost of the tool itself, and eliminates the cost of infrastructure. This might not come as a surprise to ITSMWatch.com readers. However, they also found that using SaaS reduces consulting costs by 92 percent. Apparently the average length of consulting engagement for a legacy ITSM tool is 47 weeks, which nearly triples the initial purchase price.

Points mean service: new procurement approach from Fox IT

Fox IT, the UK-based specialist supplier of ITSM consulting and training services, has launched a new way of buying consulting time. Companies can buy a pack of points that they then cash in against Fox IT services as they are required. Called Points Of Service, it provides a scalable and flexible approach to meeting complete ITIL and ITSM requirements regardless of organization size or industry sector. This enables organizations to call off whatever services they need to supplement and complement the skills of their own in-house team, and be responsive to the changing the needs of the core business.

Purchase your points, then draw down services on an as needed basis without having to procure the individual services and tools required. If your service requirements change due to skills and resource availability, new business needs and new technology, simply change the call down of services to reflect what you now need without incurring delays or additional costs.

"Philip Green recently highlighted how an ineffective procurement approach is costing the country [the U.K.] billions," said Paul Speers, MD at FoxIT. "While not on the same scale, we believe ITIL and ITSM implementations are costing more than they need because suppliers make it harder than they should for customers to buy and use ITSM and ITIL services. We've swept away all those inhibitions and restrictions to deliver a breakthrough service experience that enables organizations to accelerate a tangible business return from their IT Investments."

Speers didn't comment on whether loyal users will be able to cash in their points for other goods like flights or free coffee but one can always hope!

New hosted software from Unisys

Unisys, a worldwide information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients, announced their latest ITSM offering: a hosted SaaS service.

The new Unisys IT Service Management Software as a Service (ITSM SaaS) solution is hosted in Unisys client services centers. It gives clients' service management teams access via the Web to a common set of IT service management tools. It's all based on standardized service-delivery processes, so they can provide services to end users in a uniform way.

"Enterprise workers' increasing use of consumer technologies for productivity has led to an explosion in support requirements," said Sam Gross, vice president, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions at Unisys. "In a constrained economy, organizations can't afford inefficient service delivery systems. The Unisys ITSM SaaS solution gives them a streamlined, cost-efficient way to leverage best practices and common tools by drawing on Unisys innovation in service-management infrastructure and the expertise we've gained in global service delivery through serving hundreds of clients."

SaaS is widely considered the cheaper option, but the modular Unisys ITSM SaaS solution also addresses the common challenge of coordinating the activities of dispersed service desks staffed in-house, externally or both and using different service management processes and tools. And it's based on ITIL V3. Being modular means that users can buy extra bits like the virtual service desk that provides a self-help portal for end users.

Elizabeth Harrin is director of The Otobos Group, a business writing consultancy specializing in IT and project management. She's the author of "Social Media for Project Managers " and "Project Management in the Real World". She has a decade of experience in IT and business change functions in healthcare and financial services, and is ITIL v3 Foundation certified.

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