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Absolute Software Merges MDM with IT Service Management

Absolute Software's latest IT management framework allows IT to interact with multiple types of endpoints, which should help in the management of BYOD.
Sep 26, 2013

Mike Vizard

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The Ten Commandments of BYOD

When it comes to managing endpoints, these days many tools actually get in the way of the problem more so than resolve it.

With that realization in mind, Absolute Software recently released version 8.0 of Absolute Service, an IT management framework through which IT managers can interact with multiple types of endpoints using technology that Absolute Software gained via its acquisition of LiveTime Software in 2012.

According to Dr. Darren Williams, vice president and general manager of service management at Absolute Software, IT organizations are starting to rebel against having to master and deploy different tools to manage every type of endpoint. The number of mobile computing devices in the enterprise is exploding, and Williams contends that asking IT organizations to fund the separate deployment of mobile device management (MDM) frameworks alongside their existing management tools is both inefficient and economically unfeasible.


Instead, IT organizations need IT service management (ITSM) frameworks that allow them to directly address issues associated with multiple classes of endpoint devices. This would allow them to also preserve the context of whatever problem was initially reported. Williams also notes that version of 8.0 of Absolute Services has also been enhanced to make it easier for IT administrators to share knowledge about problems and solutions with one another.

In addition to enhanced endpoint device management capabilities, Absolute Service 8.0 allows end users to interact with IT support personnel via Facebook and other social networks while staying compliant with the workflows defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

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Originally published on IT Business Edge.