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French ITSM Terminology Officially Determined

By Jan Van Bon French language barrier for IT Service Management has been overcome. Other languages to follow.
Feb 22, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

By Jan Van Bon
In a joint initiative of ITSMF chapters Canada, France and Belgium, a list of French ITSM terms has been determined. This new list enables the unambiguous translation of English publications into French, in such a way that it will be acceptable to Canadians as well as European French speaking countries.

The initiative was started by Jan van Bon, chief editor of the ITSMF 'Introduction to ITIL' book: "If we really want to be able to understand eachother across language barriers, we need a uniform language. I'm very happy to say that ITSM experts, joined in their local ITSMF chapters, have been able to come to a common understanding of the ITSM terms to be used, in Canada as well as in Europe. I think the whole French speaking community will gain considerable profit from using this unique list."

The list is available for free, for everyone to be used in translation projects. It already is applied in the translation of the core ITIL books, the ITSMF Introduction book, and in EXIN exams. Since the scope of the list will be extended on a continuous base, a subscription to the list is supported by ITSM PORTAL. The source can be downloaded from the Compendium page at the international ITSM PORTAL.

The initiative is not restricted to French: ITSM terminology lists for Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, German and Japanese have already been developed or are in the final stage of determination.

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