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MSF Pocket Guide follows MOF Pocket Guide

Microsoft takes her management frameworks more and more serious MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework - builds a perfect tandem with MOF (Microsoft Operations Framework). Where traditional development methods ignored the cooperation with the Operations domain for decades, MSF now offers a perfect companion for the ITIL-based management frameworks that draw a lot of attention in the IT management arena.
Feb 24, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

In this Operations domain MOF offers a set of best practices for operational excellence, based on the international ITIL standard. But without a coexisting development approach focused at optimizing the performance in this Operations domain, the effect would be very limited. Operations teams have been running after the facts for decades, trying to save the day, when development teams threw their new releases over the fence. But times have changed now, and the IT world understands that high performance can only be achieved in a joint team effort.

MSF is used worldwide in software development teams, supported by a network of trainers and exams. In the new MSF Pocket Guide, that was developed in close cooperation with Microsoft's MSF-team, you'll find the essentials of this method.

Another Dutch product, this pocket guide, published by Van Haren Publishing, and developed by an international team of dozens of experts. For more detais and a downloadable sample: try the book description of the MSF Pocket Guide at ITSM PORTAL international.

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