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Maturity Ratings Wins Support Among Systems Integrators

Systems integrators are eagerly pursuing a relatively new rating system. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is replacing the older, well-established Capability Maturity Model ratings for software developers and systems engineers.
Mar 29, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

What the CMMI really gives you is a process, the ability to look at a program at various points in the life cycle, to see issues with it and hopefully the ability to resolve them earlier in the life cycle. The earlier you can identify something and put it right, the more money you can save.

Northrop Grumman Corp. officials find the rating so valuable that 11 of their organizations have moved from CMM Level 3 to CMMI Level 5 during the past two years. Six more are at CMMI Level 3.

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