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IT Governance and Information Security

IT Governance has become a catchall phrase for nearly every problem or pursuit in the world of business and IT management. But few phrases provoke as much confusion.
Apr 13, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

While confusion about the definition of "governance" may prevail, IT Governance, is taking on a more significant level with our current regulatory climate. IT Governance cannot be effective unless it includes oversight and assurance of information security controls.

"What gets measured gets done"

Although there are numerous definitions of IT governance, the IT Governance Institute exists to assist "enterprise leaders in their responsibility to ensure that IT goals align with those of the business, it delivers value, its performance is measured, its resources properly allocated and its risks mitigated."

IT Governance is all about strategic alignment of IT with the business, and embedding accountability into the enterprise. Both need to be supported by adequate resources and measured to ensure that the results are obtained.

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