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Framework Puts Focus On Best Practice

The key driver for adopting the ITIL principles in Australia is the necessity for business to get into a dialogue with IT; we need business and IT to speak a common language of technology and in Australia businesses are starting to take notice of the importance of ITIL.
Aug 17, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

Today it may be a common framework used by IT organizations across the globe but ITIL is basically an encyclopedia of IT best practices enabling in-house service delivery.

It has the support of accredited training organizations and also of public and private sector organizations across the globe.

Aiden Lawes, chief executive officer of the itSMF, said that on a global scale, organizations are turning to the ITIL handbooks to gain a clear understanding of the value they get from their IT; however, to their dismay they discover that their IT investments are not worthwhile because they are under utilized.

In Australia, Lawes said this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

"Some organizations only focus on technology rather than the role technology and services play in business," Lawes said.

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