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ITSM Standardization On The Rise in South Africa

The global drive to align IT and business has stepped up a gear as more South African companies seek to save money by accurately managing the accounting of skills, software and hardware components within their businesses.
Nov 24, 2004

ITSM Watch Staff

Improved service management is rapidly becoming non-negotiable for companies as the cost savings of accurately tracking people skills, software and hardware components, through entrenched service management processes like ITIL cataloguing, becomes apparent.

Accurate tracking can save companies substantial amounts of money. For example, the traveling time of IT maintenance staff to a company's site in Namibia needs to take into account both the total service time to repair a PC and the hours used to reach the destination.

Looking at the bigger picture in this manner can enable informed decisions to be taken by management when restructuring their service capability with available resources. Cataloguing people skills is especially important as they are often the largest cost in managing services.

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