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Gaps in Business Continuity Preparedness

Continuity and disaster recovery plans are increasingly ubiquitous in business, but many plans fail to adequately consider a variety of contingencies and risk scenarios.
Jan 4, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff

While most companies have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) of some sort in place, a significant number do not account for security breaches, or proactively prepare for key events such as deliberate or malicious actions. Evidence suggests, moreover, that plans are not being adequately tested, in terms of both frequency and scope.

Finally, the overall breadth of business continuity planning is still narrow. Communication channels between different functions are weak or nonexistent, thereby leaving companies exposed. What's needed is more effective end-to-end continuity planning that acknowledges a wide range of contingencies.

Compass recently surveyed more than 50 senior business and IT executives from large UK-based organizations in a variety of industry sectors, including finance, retail, manufacturing, media, and government/public sector bodies. The results and implications of the survey are examined here.

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