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The Next Step In Successful IT BPM

Complexity in today's IT environments, which includes the prevalence of multiple vendors, platforms, applications and standards, coupled with the fragmentation of traditional management systems has caused IT management processes to become increasingly people-intensive.
Mar 3, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff

Importantly, IT staff skills cannot be leveraged across silos of management systems if traditional management tools are already fragmented. To achieve integration between these fragmented management tools requires expensive and extensive services engagements.

And it cannot be ignored; the reality is that better management is required to help CIOs achieve their top goals: reducing IT costs by optimising capital and operating expenses; mitigating risk; data protection and compliance; and ensuring the infrastructure is also available and flexible.

So how do CIOs achieve the above if they're faced with fragmented management tools? CA has developed strategy and resultant solutions called Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM) that aim to address the above in an open and integrated manner.

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