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CAR and ITIL: Questions Answered

OGC answers practitioners ITIL refresh questions.
Oct 4, 2006

ITSM Watch Staff

In response to concerns about the upcoming refresh of ITIL, the U.K.'s Office of Government Commerce has released some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding changes to qualifications, training and examinations.


How will the changes impact the qualification and training scheme?

The underlying processes and principles of ITIL are not being changed. They are, however, being re-packaged and some wider considerations (such as the business view) will be covered explicitly.

The OGC would not anticipate major changes to the core of the qualification and training scheme as a result of the CAR project, and subsequent awarding of new contracts.

However, prior to the launch of this project, there was an identified need to review the current range of qualifications to ensure that it meets user requirements.

This work is ongoing and will result in some changes to the current scheme.

It is important to note that OGC recognizes the considerable investment made in ITIL by many companies and organizations around the world and is keen to ensure that this investment will not be undermined by changes to the current scheme.


How will the new material be incorporated into the qualification and training scheme?

The qualification scheme will be specifically updated and managed under the new partnership arrangements, and this will include integrating new material into the scheme.

An ITIL qualification board will take this forward over the next six months. The intention is to clarify the qualification and training scheme requirements once the final drafts of the publications are available, early in 2007.

A new extended qualifications board with wider representation will supersede the current ICMB, though many of the constituent parties will remain as members of the renamed board.

Examination institutes and accredited training organizations (ATO) will have access to the refreshed version of ITIL in a timely manner and the marketplace will be given ample advance notification of changes to be implemented.

The ITIL program board has responsibility for supporting the review of qualifications and alignment with standards. Once again, there will be little to report until the new ITIL content is finalized.

Will existing qualifications need to be upgraded to take into account the new material?

Since the core principles of ITIL are not changing, existing qualifications and certificates will remain valid and intact.

There will be no change to the current qualifications, and OGC expects that both current and new versions of the qualification scheme will run concurrently for a period (which will be dictated by a range of factors), ensuring that training providers have adequate preparation time for transition to the refreshed ITIL.

Training already undertaken will not be undermined by the introduction of new material. There will be opportunities for candidates to upgrade their qualifications, and short conversion or update courses will be provided if appropriate.

What are the plans for development beyond the core books?

It is anticipated that tranches 3 and 4 of the refresh project will address the support needs for the qualification scheme by introducing study aids for the Foundation and other examinations.

There will also be a new strategic introduction book for managers, a brochure for the board, and most importantly, a new core book that provides an official introduction to the new version of ITIL.

Scoping of each book will draw from existing ITIL content plus new material. This new version of ITIL will be supported by improved online support.

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