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ITIL Qualifications Brief

The U.K.'s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) announced last week that APMG became its official accreditor for ITIL on 20th July 2006.
Oct 31, 2006

ITSM Watch Staff

What this means that from 1st January 2007, APMG will offer accreditation and qualifications services (including exams).

The structure of the qualification scheme is as follows:

OGC will introduce a new governance body called the Combined Strategy Board. This board will oversee and hold decision authority for the publications of ITIL and the Qualifications based on ITIL.

APMG will create a new Qualification Board (QB) and Examination Panel (EP) covering both current (v2) and refreshed (v3) ITIL qualifications.

The integrity of the current qualification scheme is driven by ICMB (ITIL Certification Management Board), which is chaired by itSMFI and has each Examination Institute (EI) plus OGC as members. In the forward governance model, qualifications integrity will be an APMG responsibility. The new ITIL QB will be chaired by APMG.

The new QB carries forward the functions of the present ICMB but with wider representation. It reports to the Combined Strategy Board (CSB), chaired by OGC, which also oversees publications and Intellectual Property (IP) matters.

APMG is trying to achieve an open QB that brings together a wide range of opinions. User representation is intended to be via itSMFI participation. Each accredited EI has a right to a seat, as well as OGC. Concepts are being discussed with potential examiners and EIs.

There is a separate IP Board that also reports to the CSB. The IP Board is chaired by OGC and comprises APMG, TSO and OPSI (Office of Public Sector Information, the UK government body responsible for the administration of Crown copyright).

Examination Institutes and accreditation is as follows:

As an Examination Institute, APMG will offer qualifications and develop its own question bank for v2 exams. The current qualification scheme offered by other EIs will also remain substantially in place. Once v3 is available there will a single question bank and the QB will be chaired by APMG.

APMG will also license other EIs that meet international or equivalent local standards (ISO17024 1 and EN45011 2). Use of local standards will help cope with cultural differences globally. ISO 17024 implies a three-year cycle of re-certification.

All licensed EIs will be able to select exam questions from the question bank for v3. EIs will mark papers and provide lists of passed candidates to APMG. Where permission is received, these will be input to a public database of certified individuals. Certificates will be issued by APMG.

EIs will accredit training organisations, known as Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs) and notify APMG, who will issue appropriate IPR licences for use of trade marks and copyright materials. Exact processes for accreditation will be determined by each EI for the training organisations they accredit. It will be at the discretion of each EI to choose to recognise the accreditation of other EIs.

ITIL Examinations - Present and Future

APMG is establishing an ongoing Senior Examiner Panel that will develop the v3 qualification scheme, taking forward the ITIL Refresh into qualifications.

Members will be drawn from North America, Asia and Europe. The panel will be responsible for:

  • the development of the revised qualification scheme for v3;
  • course syllabuses;
  • ongoing development and maintenance of exam questions; and
  • marking guidelines.
  • All existing v2 certificates will be recognised, and continue to be valid. The Examination Panel will consider upgrade paths and providing existing certificate holders with the opportunity to take an upgrade paper leading to v3 certification.

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