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New Exams Announced

EXIN offering new Service Management Foundation exams for v2 and v3.
Jun 14, 2007

ITSM Watch Staff

Along with the publication of new ITIL literature at the end of May, ITIL v3 was introduced. This does not mean that ITIL v2 will be immediately discarded, ITIL exam company EXIN said in a statement Wednesday.

Version 2 focuses especially on the description and management of processes, something which most IT organizations at this point in time are requiring the most. Version 3 on the other hand focuses on the results you can attain if you have sorted out the processes.

Only a few organizations have reached that phase of maturity in ITIL. This is why EXIN will continue to offer the current version of IT Service Management Foundation (based on ITIL) until 2008. The new exam is not only based on the new literature, but also on v2. Of course once you have obtained an IT Service Management-certificate, it will never lose its value.

From 15 July 2007 EXIN will be introducing the exam IT Service Management Foundation (ISMF), the follow-on of the current exam (ITILF). Like all EXIN-exams this one is based on the competencies employers demand from IT professionals.

This is why it not only deals with ITIL v3, but also with parts of v2, as well as the relationship between IT Service Management and other standards and frameworks, such as ISO/IEC 20000. Then you will not only be certified based on the literature of ITIL v3, but you can also use your certificate in practice if your organization works with v2.

IT Service Management Foundation (ISMF) forms part of a new broadened certification program for IT Service Management, which builds onto the current EXIN-certification. EXIN is developing this program in close cooperation with IT-professionals from the business world. It is based on competencies for ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, SQM, ASL, BiSL, MOF and TMap.

Literature, exam price and certificate

Eventually, the knowledge you require for IT Service Management Foundation (2007) (ISMF) will be presented in an easy overview format in one single book, developed under supervision of Chief Editor of the ITSM Library and ITIL expert par excellence, Jan van Bon.

Until this book becomes available, the literature list will consist of the new published ITIL literature and parts of several other books. The new Foundation exam (ISMF) consists of 40 multiple choice-questions and has the same fee as the current Foundation-exam (ITILF): €140/ $150.

Initially it will be in English. At the end of 2007 it will also be available in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian/Portuguese and Japanese. You will finish with a “Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management," an independent EXIN-certificate that is internationally recognized.

New APMG Exam

As an extra service, EXIN also offers the ITIL v3 exam from APM Group (APMG), a UK-based exam institution. This English-language exam tests knowledge of ITIL v3 and costs €140/$150. For this exam you receive an APMG-certificate. EXIN also hosts this exam worldwide.

If you have any questions about the new IT-Service Management-certification. Please contact our International service desk: info@exin-exams.com (tel.: +31 30 234 48 25).

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