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itSMF Chapter Leadership Conference Announced

The itSMF International is excited to announce plans for the first itSMF Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC) in November 2008.
May 15, 2008

ITSM Watch Staff


True to the spirit of the itSMF to share knowledge, experience and leadership, the itSMFI (itSMFI) is committed to providing a forum for chapters to grow, prosper and learn from each other. A successful Chapter anywhere benefits us all.


The continued growth of emerging and new chapters, offers us the opportunity to share the benefits of experience from existing chapters who have created “itSMF Chapter best practices” in chapter management.


The CLC will cover a range of topics presented by itSMF chapter leaders from around the world who have “been there and done it”. Some of the topics being considered are:


    * How to keep membership growing.

    * Managing in difficult times.

    * Making conferences fun and exciting.

    * Investment strategies in Member value.

    * Leading when things go wrong or get difficult.

    * How to manage your Chapter Service Portfolio.

    * Successful Chapter governance.


If you have topics that you would like to suggest be included please contact the Ken Wendle, Director for Chapter and Member Services, itSMF International Executive Board.


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