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New Certification Program Launched

itSMF USA announces Professional Recognition for ITSM (priSM) program at the itSMF Fusion Convention in Dallas, TX.
Sep 21, 2009

ITSM Watch Staff

itSMF USA, the premier service management organization with a 12-year history of advocacy for the service management profession, together with the Institute of Certified Service Managers (ICSM,) announced today the launch of a program to professionalize the IT service management (ITSM) industry.

The program, Professional Recognition for IT Service Management (priSM), will enable members to apply for recognition of their ITSM knowledge, skills and abilities. As such, it will represent an added level of credibility for the industry by setting a standard of accomplishment upon which employers and customers can rely when selecting individuals for roles requiring certification and experience in ITSM.

This program is the first phase of an initiative by itSMF International to promote a professional recognition and development scheme worldwide. Sharon Taylor, board chair of itSMF International, said that “priSM is a major step towards the maturity of the ITSM industry. This program represents a consistent, global understanding of what it means to be an ITSM practitioner, and how our members can meet their career and personal growth aspirations no matter where they are today.”

Once established, itSMF USA will maintain a registry of members and their professional qualification within the priSM program. Proactive employers and customers will be able to verify the qualification of candidates who are being considered for service management roles, assignments or projects.

At the individual level, priSM will enable professionals in the ITSM industry to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to ITSM; 
  • Recognize and improve their knowledge, skills and abilities; 
  • Reflect achievement and accomplishments; and
  • Increase earning potential.

For organizations, the most significant benefit of the priSM program is the ability to verify experience and education of potential employees and service providers. This will improve processes and service quality while reducing uncertainty about skill levels of prospective resources.

“As organizations continue to adopt Service Management practices, it will become far more important to have a valid and meaningful credential they can rely upon. The priSM program will start this in the US and create a blueprint that will be used by itSMF International, working with other National chapters to expand the program into internationally recognized credentials for ITSM professionals,” said past-President of itSMF USA and ITIL v3 co-author, David Cannon, in a statement. Cannon is a member of the team responsible for this program.

The need to maintain and expand one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities is a critical aspect of an individual’s career. Evidence that a person is progressing in his or her career is necessary for acceptance within the ITSM profession, as well as the business community. Individuals will need to maintain their credentials on an annual basis through priSM’s continuing professional development. A wide variety of sources and subjects are acceptable and will be considered based on standards of delivery, duration, difficulty, and relevance to ITSM.

“Our goal is the development and growth of service management professionals into valuable and dependable resources for their organizations and customers,” said itSMF USA President, Sallie Kennedy, in a statement. “We have long sought to build a program that enables our membership to be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have worked so hard to attain.”

In order to apply for professional recognition under the priSM program, members of itSMF USA will be required to complete an application and submit evidence of appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities. The fee associated with this program will be submitted as part of the application process. itSMF USA will begin accepting applications immediately and will complete the evaluation and validation process by the first quarter of 2010. Information about the program and the priSM application can be accessed at www.itsmfusa.org/prism.

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