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SysAid iPad App Facilitates Mobile IT Service Management

The app allows IT administrators to complete daily service tasks on-the-go, and is built to provide flexibility and a user-friendly experience.
Dec 3, 2014

Nathan Eddy


SysAid Technologies, a provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, announced the launch of an iPad app that will be available from the Apple App Store this quarter.

The app is designed to allow IT administrators to complete daily service tasks on-the-go, and is built to provide flexibility and a user-friendly experience.

The iPad app also enables administrators to provide support on the move without being tethered to a desktop computer, and complements SysAid’s suite of mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

"We have started developing mobile applications four years ago. It was all hybrid applications supporting all four platforms--Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phone. The IT market was not mature yet, and we took a decision to slow down. The iPad app was the third native app SysAid had developed and we've invested a significant amount of effort designing it to the best of our customer experience," Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid, told eWEEK. "We saw few gaps in the market having IT managers reviewing their team's tickets from anywhere and MSP technicians serving many companies carrying laptops just to close tickets remotely."

With the iPad app, IT admins can resolve incidents and update service records in real-time, and they can also communicate with end users through email within the tickets.

In addition, the interface has been specifically designed for the iPad to provide an intuitive user experience.

"Mobility enables many IT professionals to be updated at home, during meetings enabling them to give their business customers better SLA as they can be aware of critical incidents," Lahav said. "The workforce has been also changed in the way they consume applications. Employees bring their own experience into the organization impacting work procedures much more than before while IT becomes reactive to new technology."

Lahav explained the company has customers who cannot connect their phones to the system as a company policy while others are encouraging their employees to leverage their phone for company use.

In midsize to large organizations, the iPad app could help save IT admins from potentially long, out-the-way trips back-and-forth to the IT department, leaving more time to help users.

"Business can now consume mobile services from different vendors without breaking company policies," Lahav said. "Many applications can be consumed as cloud services and many times does not require any IT involvement or approval. As a result IT must offer better services, compete with external vendors and become more efficient."

At organizations with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, the iPad app will also allow IT admins to manage service at home or from wherever they may need.

"BYOD removes many roadblocks between end users and vendors regarding IT policies and ways to consume services and share data. With that, programs using BYOD introduces security and regulation compliance risks thus putting organizations in risks they are not aware of," Lahav said. "The company propriety data, such as a customer base, is exposed today in a way it was never before. SysAid keeps investing in our security policies to give our customer the best secure cloud service."

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Originally published on eWeek.