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How to Stay Motivated on the Road to ITIL Expert

You can keep your motivation up during the long road to ITIL Expert. ITSMWatch's Elizabeth Harrin shows you how.
Tags: IT education, IT certification, IT Leadership, ITIL v3, ITIL/ITSM

Service Measurement & Reporting Across the ITIL Service Lifecycle

ITSMWatch guest columnist Gary Case of Pink Elephant, who literally wrote the ITIL v3 book on Continual Service Improvement, shares his insights on service measurement and reporting.
Tags: ITIL, ITIL v3, IT service management

ITSMWatch Holiday Book Giving Guide

What do you give the ITSM professional who has everything? ITSMWatch has waded through this year's publications to bring you the five best books of 2010.
Tags: ITIL, ITSM, ITIL v3, ITIL books, Christmas guide

Will ITIL Certification Help Me Get a Job?

By itself ITIL certification will only help you get in the door; you still have to prove yourself once you're there, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Moskowitz of Productivity Solutions.
Tags: IT jobs, certification, ITSM, Moskowitz, ITIL v3

How to Measure ITIL Service Utility and Warranty

By understanding the ITIL concepts of utility and warranty in ITIL v3 you discover competitive advantage, cost controls, customer satisfaction, and business IT alignment, writes ITSMWatch columnist Hank Marquis of Global Knowledge.

Is Getting Your ITIL Certification Worth It?

The value of ITIL certification is knowledge and a common tongue, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Moskowitz.
Tags: Project management, Moskowitz, ITIL v3, ITIL certification

ITIL v3: Service Catalog Should be Front and Center

Two years on and we're still not there, writes ITSMWatch columnist Rob England.
Tags: ITSM, service catalog, England, ITIL v3, ITIL v2

OGC to Withdraw ITIL v2 Support

OGC to eliminate v2 exams beginning in June 2010.
Tags: certification, ITSM, ITIL v3, OGC, ITIL v2

Beyond Service Management: ESM and ITIL v3

Enterprise service management (ESM) is the set of ITIL-aligned tools, processes, and people that ensure IT services are directly linked to the needs and objectives of the business, writes ITSMWatch guest columnists John Ryan and Mark Lees of CSC.
Tags: CIO, ITIL v3, CSC, service management, ESM

Moving Beyond RACI in ITIL v3

While effective, ITIL v3 doesn't explain how to use RACI very well. ITSMWatch columnist David Mainville of Consulting-Portal strives to clarify in part one of this two-part series.
Tags: Project management, RACI, ITSM, ITIL v3, Consulting-Portal

ITIL v3: Still No Rush

Three years on and there's still no compelling reason to switch to ITIL v3, writes ITSMWatch columnist Rob England, a.k.a. The IT Skeptic.
Tags: upgrading, ITIL v3, IT Skeptic, ITIL v2, no rush

What ITIL Doesn't Cover

There's a popular misconception that ITIL describes IT Delivery. In fact, argues columnist Rob England, it doesn’t even fully describe IT Service Management.
Tags: software, management, IT, ITSM, ITIL v3

Using BPMN to Enhance ITIL's Effectiveness

Modeling makes words that much more effective, writes ITSMWatch guest columnist Eddy Peters of CTG.
Tags: IT certification, IT architecture, ITSM, ITIL v3, BPMN