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Integrating ITIL with IT Project Management Improves Both

Integrating ITIL processes with IT project management can significantly enhance service value, write ITSMWatch columnists Ed Rivard & Kristy Smith of Forsythe.
Tags: Project management, ITIL, ITSM, Forsythe, IT value

Risk Management -- The Relationship Between Project & Change Management

Change and project management should be viewed through the same lens, writes ITSMWatch columnist Graham Price of Pink Elephant.
Tags: Project management, change management, ITIL, ITSM, Pink Elephant

Is Getting Your ITIL Certification Worth It?

The value of ITIL certification is knowledge and a common tongue, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Moskowitz.
Tags: Project management, Moskowitz, ITIL v3, ITIL certification

Moving Beyond RACI in ITIL v3

While effective, ITIL v3 doesn't explain how to use RACI very well. ITSMWatch columnist David Mainville of Consulting-Portal strives to clarify in part one of this two-part series.
Tags: Project management, RACI, ITSM, ITIL v3, Consulting-Portal