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New Complementary Qualifications Scheme Benefits Murky

The Complementary Qualifications Scheme does open up the ITIL qualification playing field but can make the your ITIL Expert award a bit suspect.
Tags: certification, ITIL, ITSM, ITIL Expert

6 Reasons to Use Your ITIL4success Subscription

If you have have access, it worth your time the visit.
Tags: certification, ITIL, ITSM, APMG, Otobus Group

Will ITIL Certification Help Me Get a Job?

By itself ITIL certification will only help you get in the door; you still have to prove yourself once you're there, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Moskowitz of Productivity Solutions.
Tags: IT jobs, certification, ITSM, Moskowitz, ITIL v3

New Change Management Qualification from APM Group

The Change Management Practitioner qualification is intended to help people become better at managing change.
Tags: certification, change management, ITIL/ITSM, OGC, APM Group

OGC to Withdraw ITIL v2 Support

OGC to eliminate v2 exams beginning in June 2010.
Tags: certification, ITSM, ITIL v3, OGC, ITIL v2