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What Can Cloud-based IT Service Management Do for You?

ServiceNow Express helps small businesses manage and service their IT support operations as efficiently and cost-effectively as big enterprises.
Tags: IT, IT management, small business

BMC’s Remedy for IT Obsolescence

By focusing on improving the end users’ efficiency and satisfaction, IT gains an important tool against obsolescence and a powerful answer to the latest question of IT outsourcing.
Tags: Amazon Web Services, IT management, cloud service, BMC, User Experience, myit, centralized IT, remedy 9, it obsolescence

A Geek's Guide to IT Management

For people to excel in the workplace, a company needs to provide them with the right combination of technology, process and management.
Tags: IT management, geek, technology, process, ITIL, Charles Araujo, Atari, John Palinkas, Baldrige examiner, IT Transformation Institute

What Does a CAB Do All Day?

The change advisory board (CAB) is the route through which all changes pass. We all know it's best practice to have one, but what do they actually do?
Tags: IT management, change management, IT steering committee, IT project management, ITIL/ITSM

Do ITIL for the Right Reasons: Lifecycle Adoption

Forget about ITIL, it's just a means to end, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Moskowitz of Productivity Solutions.
Tags: IT management, ITIL, ITSM, Peter Drucker, lifecycle

Moving Beyond RACI in ITIL v3, Part II

While effective, ITIL v3 doesn't explain how to use RACI very well. ITSMWatch guest columnist D'Arcy McCallum of Consulting-Portal strives to clarify in part two of this two-part series.
Tags: IT management, RACI, ITSM, Consulting-Portal, Accoutability

Understanding and Maximizing Your ITSM Investment

It’s more than a matter of faith, writes ITSMWatch guest columnist David Mainville of Consulting-Portal.
Tags: IT management, IT skills, ITIL, ITSM, IT performance