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CA Brings Consumerlike Experience to Enterprise IT Services

CA Service Management empowers users with easily consumable anytime, anywhere service support.
Tags: Google, CA, DropBox, CA Technologies, service desk, service management

6 Steps to Setting Up a Manageable Service Catalog

Many organizations are struggling these days to understand the value of a service catalog, how it can be leveraged to deliver quality and higher customer satisfaction, and what it really is, writes ITSMWatch columnist Michael Tainter of Forsythe.
Tags: ITSM, Forsythe, service catalog, service management

The Cynical Side of ITSM - Why the Backlash?

Too many 'silver-bullet' expectations driven by too many tools is fueling a let down in what ITSM can really deliver, writes ITSMWatch columnist David Mainville of Consulting-Portal.
Tags: ITSM, service management, Consulting Portal, backlash, silver bullet

ITSM And The First Law Of Thermodynamics

Give and take. Yin and Yang. Balance is a good thing, writes ITSMWatch columnist Jack Probst of Pink Elephant.
Tags: ITIL, ITSM, service management, Pink Elephant, balance

Are You Getting Value from ITIL?

For many practitioners, hope of a service management future are turning to dismay as they figure out how to actually get value from ITIL and ITSM, writes ITSMWatch columnist George Spafford.
Tags: ITIL, ITSM, Spafford, IT value, service management

itSMFI Chair Sharon Taylor Steps Down

Alex Kist from Holland will take over duties for now.
Tags: management, support, acquisition, international, service management

ITIL v3 Update: Call for Participants

The OGC wants You!
Tags: management, IT, Office, service management, OGC

Which ITIL Software Features Work Best?

The answer depends on where you are at in your service management efforts.
Tags: IDC, ITIL, Baker, service management, ITSM software

Beyond Service Management: ESM and ITIL v3

Enterprise service management (ESM) is the set of ITIL-aligned tools, processes, and people that ensure IT services are directly linked to the needs and objectives of the business, writes ITSMWatch guest columnists John Ryan and Mark Lees of CSC.
Tags: CIO, ITIL v3, CSC, service management, ESM