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ITIL: Open Source vs. Commercial

As ITIL continues to gain converts, more and more support software is becoming available. Which is better open source or commercial? The debate continues.
Tags: open source, security, services, software, economy

Social Media for ITSM: Adapt or Perish

The implications of social media to IT service management are nothing short of profound, writes ITSMWatch columnist Hank Marquis of Global Knowledge.
Tags: Facebook, services, voice, Reddit, Global Knowledge

Seven Tips to Rapid Service Transformation

No ITSM methodology can guarantee success, but there are ways to shorten time to implementation and ensure you get it right the first time, writes ITSM Watch guest columnist Martin Likier of Forsythe.
Tags: services, management, IT, ITIL, ITSM

Twitter ... As an IT Service Management Tool?!?

Twitter helped reduce critical incidents from one a week to one every three months, writes ITSMWatch guest columnist Jason Druebert of BT Professional Services.
Tags: services, social networking, networking, marketing, e-Mail

Doing More with Less: IT Framework Integration

Understanding how the many IT frameworks work together is the first step towards using them appropriately, writes ITSMWatch columnist George Spafford of Pepperweed Consulting.
Tags: security, services, management, marketing, international