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On Demand Webcast: ITSM: From Theory to Reality

Webcast: ITSM: From Theory to Reality Speaker: George Spafford, President, Spafford Global Consulting
Nov 28, 2005

ITSM Watch Staff


IT Service Management, if implemented properly, can help an organization's IT department achieve more effective, efficient and economical management of people, processes and technology. In order to transform ITSM best practices into reality, IT professionals and management must take specific and focused action.

Attend this Webcast and learn:

  • The importance of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and how to customize its procedures for your organization
  • How to train your staff to internalize ITSM and ITIL practices so they become second nature
  • How to determine your enterprises "pain points" and gaps between theory and current reality
  • Why you need a "practical process coach" or mentor to help during implementation
  • How to measure the impact of changes and document lessons learned